Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tilting at Windmills

A quickie for ya:

"Now...will you hear any mention of this pardon in the mainstream media? Don't hold your breath. They will continue to advance the lie that somehow Karl Rove actually did something wrong and should be fired. They will continue to try and convince you that Valerie Plame was a covert agent, and that Rove actually used her name, none of which is true. "

Excerpt from testimony presented by former CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson on July 22, 2005 in hearings held by Senate and House Democrats on the national security implications of the Rove CIA leak:

"We must put to bed the lie that she was not undercover. For starters, if she had not been undercover, then the CIA would not have referred the matter to the Justice Department. Some reports, such as one in the Washington Times that Valerie Plame's supervisor at the CIA, Fred Rustman, said she told friends and family she worked at the CIA and that her cover was light. These claims are not true. Rustman, who supervised Val in one of her earliest assignments, left the CIA in 1990 and did not stay in social contact with Valerie. His knowledge of Val's cover is dated. He does not know what she has done during the past 15 years."

As far as Rove's having never "actually used her name", what utter bullshit. Tell ya what Mr. Boortz, I have an experiment for you. Why don't you leak to the New York Times that you sincerely want to kill Laura Bush's husband. And when the Patriot Act storm troopers drag you screaming into the night for a crash course in the Abu Graib diet plan of torture and humiliation, you can simply tell them to let you go. You did nothing wrong. You never actually used Dubya's name, right? There's your non-story, you asshat.


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