Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pictures worth... well... you know the rest.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's the Sound of a Small Mind Snapping?

If it keeps on raining, the levee's going to have a psychotic break, and maybe go postal in the oval office. Word is that Shrub is really starting to lose it. I mean, more so.
This entertaining example is from Capitol Hill Blue:

Bush, however, has dug his heels in on Rove.
When a GOP strategist suggested last weekend that the President fire Rove, Bush exploded.

"You go to hell," he screamed at the strategist. "You can leave and you can take the rest of these lily-livered motherfuckers with you!" The President then stormed out of the room and refused to meet further with any other party leaders or strategists.

Bush's escalating temper tantrums and his intransigence on political issues increase Republican worries about the long term effects on both his presidency and the party's prospects in upcoming elections.

Like the child who proclaimed that the emperor had no clothes, the American public and even the GOP seem to finally realize that our own emperor has no fucking clue. Or any ethics. Wasn't this the guy was going to "bring integrity back to the oval office"? Instead he brings petulance, arrogance, and the rank scent of spiraling madness. And wonder of wonders, people are finally starting to notice!
From USA Today:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two crucial pillars of President Bush's public support — perceptions of his honesty and faith in his ability to fight terrorism — have slipped to their lowest point in the AP-Ipsos poll.
Almost six in 10 now say Bush is not honest, and a similar number say his administration does not have high ethical standards.

Good times, people. Good times.