Monday, August 15, 2005

What if we Threw a War and Nobody Came?

This post was made by my friend Syreene in her livejournal and is reposted here with her permission.

Do you suppose that someone should Tell the President the War Is Over? The approval rate for Mr. Bush's handling of Iraq plunged to 34 percent in last weekend's Newsweek poll - a match for the 32 percent that approved L.B.J.'s handling of Vietnam in early March 1968. He's losing his support base, and troop recruitment is so bad now that neither bonuses nor fudged standards nor the faking of high school diplomas has solved the recruitment shortfall. Jake Tapper of ABC News reports that the armed forces are so eager for bodies they will flout "don't ask, don't tell" and hang on to gay soldiers who tell, even if they tell the press.

The cronies are even fighting amongst themselves...Bill O'Reilly is trashing Rumsfeld, Ann Coulter is trasing O'Reilly for being a defeatist, and Robert Novak actually walked off a CNN set rather than answer questions regarding the Plame Affair.

We were so close here in Ohio...I am still ashamed of how we "gave" the Shrub his "win" in the election...but now Paul Hackett, an Iraq vet, Democrat, and staunch Shrub hater was 3% of the vote off from a win here after Portman left for his trade position. The Shrub won't come to Ohio to honor the fallen soliders from Cleveland or Cincinnati that died, and he disrespects the mothers who now rally in ditches outside his ranch waiting for a non-scripted response to their sons sacrifice.

It's been four long years since he swaggered in that pilot outfit and taunted the insurgents to "Bring it on." Four long years of death, destruction, greed and ignorance.

Voice your frustration...let them know what you are thinking about this fiasco...and remember what Tony Blair seems to have forgotten: What You Can't Say Will Hurt You.


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