Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who Would Jesus Assassinate?

Pat Robertson, the hate-filled, intolerant slimy "man of god" who is the spiritual leader of the conservative Christian "700 Club" calls for the assassination of a democratically elected leader of a foreign country on national television, and our government clucks its collective tongue and calls it "inappropriate". What?!? Belching in public is inappropriate. A religious leader (and staunch supporter and friend of our president) calling for the murder of a national leader on television is fucking outrageous.
Janet's boob causes a national uproar and millions in fines, and this terrorist statement was deemed "inappropriate"? And where's the unholy retribution of the FCC? Oh, that's right... they're busy "protecting" us from Howard Stern again. As I mentioned in an earlier post, sex is considered much worse than violence in this back assward country. Where are the protestors with signs reading "You Don't Speak For Me, Pat?" Fucking hypocrites. Just one more reason I'm so happy to be an Agnostic... if I were a Christian I would be extremely ashamed to be in any way associated with this love-thy-neighbor (as long as he's a conservative American Christian... otherwise kill-thy-neighbor) Jesus freak. Emphasis on the freak.
Although I do believe that Robertson has the right to say whatever the hell he wants as free speech, I was under the impression that inciting violent acts in public was illegal. Or at least worse than inappropriate. Shameful works. Deplorable. Despicable has a nice ring to it, plus it makes me think of Daffy Duck. But I think the best term is monkeyfuck crazy. If he wants to stand behind his pulpit and preach hatred and division, that's his right. In reality, that's what he's been doing for years anyway. If his brain dead followers keep coming to listen to his vile bullshit, that's their right too. But requesting a government sanctioned hit on Hugo Chavez on NATIONAL TELEVISION? It boggles the fucking mind. We are at a point in history when a large portion of the world has turned against or away from our country because of our foreign policy of "might makes right/show me the money", and someone who calls himself a religious leader, has millions of followers and even ran for president has the audacity to say something like this? Jebus must be rolling over in his grave.


Blogger Hatemail said...

Silly Jeebs, you know that in the US, Christian fundamentalists are not held to the same level of accountability as the rest of us.

Why should they be I mean they are Christians which by default makes them "good", right?

For those of you that can't smell the sarcasm in the above statement, get your noses checked. It is as full of sarcasm as all Bush-ites are bullshit.

6:29 PM  

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